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Cosmetic dentistry includes dental treatments that improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth, gums, bite or smile. There is a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments that can enhance a person’s smile, but not all are appropriate for everyone, always have a professional consultation with a dentist to find the best treatment(s) for your needs.

Dr Pedro Gonzalez and his team of dentists may recommend some of the following dental treatments for you:

Teeth whitening:

Teeth get stained and go a darker shade of white with age and by consuming dark foods and drinks such as coffee and red wine. To counteract this, your dentist can whiten your teeth by applying special and strong gel that with time will make your teeth a lighter shade of white.

Some types of stains and darker teeth colour occur due to having taken certain kind of medications (as a child or as an adult) or other factors which render the teeth whitening procedure ineffective. So, before you get an over the counter teeth whitening product, speak to your dentist about what you want to achieve before you buy a product that might not work on you.

Dental implants:

Dental implants are the closest there is to a natural tooth. This procedure is recommended for patients with single or multiple missing teeth.

By inserting a titanium fixture inside the gum of the missing tooth, your dentist can then attach a porcelain crown to it to mimic a natural tooth, the crown will be the same shade as the rest of your natural teeth so no one will ever know that you once had a missing tooth.

Although it sounds straight forward, dental implant treatments can take over 6 months until you have the final crown put on, if you think you are a good candidate for dental implants discuss your options with your dentist before committing to a treatment.

Porcelain crowns and bridges:

Porcelain crowns and bridges are tooth coloured, custom made porcelain fits for a patient’s tooth or teeth. They mimic natural teeth above the gum and are a fantastic option for someone who wants to improve their smile.

Dental crowns are fixtures for a single tooth, whereas dental bridges are fixtures for multiple teeth when one or more are missing.


Veneers are a tooth coloured, durable porcelain or composite “cover” that is bonded to a patient’s teeth, some trimming of the natural tooth is required but it’s not as invasive as the trimming that needs to happen for crowns and bridges.

Veneers are a great option for patients with:

  • Chipped/broken teeth,
  • Gaps between their teeth,
  • Slightly crooked or misaligned teeth,
  • Stained teeth, or
  • Crowded teeth.


Orthodontics includes a wide range of procedures to move a patient’s jaw, teeth and lips into improved alignment with the facial structures. Find out more about the Orthodontic treatments offered at Civic Plaza Dental Care.

Whichever dental treatment(s) your dentist recommends and you decide to get, remember that the most important thing you can do is commit to maintaining excellent oral health before and after your treatment, this will aid in results lasting for a longer period of time.

Cost of cosmetic dentistry

As always, Civic Plaza Dental Care offers different payment options for your cosmetic dental treatments, included but not limited to:

  • 24-month interest-free payment plans,
  • Health fund rebates on the spot, and
  • Pay for treatments as you go.
    Ask for more information about your payments options next time you come in!

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