When should my baby first visit the dentist?

18 November 2015

[:en]It’s a question a lot of parents ask. What age should my baby first visit the dentist?

baby dentistWell, the professional answer to that is “First visit by first birthday.” While this may come as a surprise to a lot of parents, it’s actually a very beneficial advice.

Prevents early onset of cavities

Studies have shown that preschoolers are getting more and more cavities and at a younger age. In fact, many children get cavities as early as two years of age. Ouch. Yes, and as a parent, this should concern you very much.

Empowers Parents

Your first visit to a dentist will also be the time when you will learn how to help keep your child’s dental health in tiptop shape by learning how to properly care for your child’s teeth and gums. A visit to the dentist can teach you all about:

  • How to care for your baby’s mouth
  • How to use fluoride properly
  • The link between your baby’s diet and oral health
  • What to do with when your child is a finger or thumb sucker
  • How to prevent accidents that could damage the teeth
  • Teething

A visit to the dentist can turn out to be a very pleasant surprise for you and your baby, especially with all the benefits that accompany such visits.

If you’re still apprehensive about bringing your baby that early to the shop or if you have some related questions simply give us a call.[:]

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