What Should You Do In Situations When You Break A Tooth All Of A Sudden?

2 October 2018

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Accidents can take place anytime, anywhere. No one can plan for them. Similarly, no one can ever eliminate the risk of sustaining injuries in an accident. In factories and mills, the workers could injure themselves while handling dangerous machines. In offices, the staff could sustain injuries through slips and falls. In addition, several people sustain severe injuries in vehicular collisions each day.

Thus, it is hardly surprising that dental emergencies can take place just about anywhere as well. Children will invariably get into some mischief. Alternatively, they might become rough as they play. As such, it will not surprise anyone that a child could break a tooth while wrestling in the grass or riding a bike.

The scenario is not much different for adults either. A game of backyard football or a hard fall could easily end up knocking a tooth out. In both scenarios, engaging the services of an emergency dentist could be vital.

Some people think that a broken tooth will remain broken. As such, the only alternative will be to try and make it adhere to the rest of the tooth. Because of this, these individuals do not attach much importance to visiting a dentist as soon as possible after breaking a tooth.

However, it is worth highlighting that dentists can reattach teeth successfully if patients visit them within two hours of the loss. Once this window of opportunity lapses, reattaching the tooth becomes a little more complicated.

In case you have broken a tooth or have a child with a broken tooth, consider taking the following measures:

  • Assess the Damage: When a tooth breaks, it could break cleanly. Or, it could break into several fragments. In case of the latter, ensure that you gather as many of the fragments as possible.
  • Preserving the Broken Tooth: Once you realise that you have broken a tooth, take it and rinse it carefully. This will serve to remove any debris attached to it. If the entire tooth has broken, ensure that you do not touch its root. Doing so could damage the cells needed for reattaching it successfully. While heading to the dental clinic, keep the tooth in a plastic bag or container filled with milk or saltwater. This will help keep the tooth moist.
  • Deal with the Pain or Discomfort: In some cases, an impact that results in a broken tooth could leave you feeling some discomfort or pain. Apply an ice pack on the affected area to soothe the pain. Alternatively, use an over-the-counter painkiller to obtain relief.
  • Comfort the Child: Children with broken teeth will need a lot of comforting. They will find it hard to bear the pain. In this scenario, comfort the child and help the child calm down. Rinse the child’s mouth with cold water. Thereafter, apply a cold compress to the child’s face. These measures will help reduce the swelling.
  • Contact Your Dentist Immediately: Avoid delays when dealing with a broken tooth. Once you have the situation under control, don’t think twice about visiting the nearest Fairfield dental practice. Call your dentist and obtain the necessary first-aid tips based on your situation. Similarly, in case you’re unsure of the best way to handle a dental emergency, contact your dentist without delay. They will give you the advice you need to bring the situation under control.


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