What Services Work In the Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

20 November 2018

[:en]The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a program provided by the Department of Human Services to ensure children around Australia can receive the dental services they need. Dentists of all sorts, including Dr. Pedro Gonzalez and the team at Civic Plaza Dental Care, work with the CDBS. The services that are covered in accordance with the CDBS are among the most valuable ones that children may utilize.

Be advised that these services are only provided by a Fairfield dental practice after a parent or guardian provides the appropriate Informed Financial Consent form. The document is a necessary for confirming the use of certain services.

Basic Examinations

General examinations are covered in the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. These include exams for analyzing how well a child’s teeth are developing. Such exams should be completed a few times each year to ensure the child’s teeth are coming along.

X-Ray Testing

X-rays are often required to analyze how well a child’s teeth are functioning. X-rays may also work in cases where a child needs help with certain treatments. The CDBS will cover much of the schedule.

Cleaning Support

The cleaning process is vital for ensuring a child’s teeth are safe. The CDBS also supports regular cleanings during exams.

Fillings and Other Treatments

Fillings may be needed to treat cavities, while an extraction may be required for a baby tooth that is not moving out accordingly. The CDBS offers proper coverage for these treatments to keep them comfortable.

Root Canals Are Covered Too

Root canals are not just for adults. Children are often at risk of developing root canals. But a treatment can help with clearing out the issues that come with a root canal to ensure one’s teeth are kept safe and not at risk of being lost or wearing out.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule should be utilized by a dental office in Fairfield to ensure the treatment is not too hard to use. Ask the Civic Plaza Dental Care for when you need help with getting the most out of services for your child per the terms specified in the CDBS.[:]

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