What Makes Dental Implants Special?

23 October 2018

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Dental implants are different from the traditional crowns that you might find through other dentists. You can talk with a Fairfield dental practice when you need help with finding the right implants for your use.

An implant can be added to any spot in on your jawline. Implants can be shaped in any form based on the tooth that needs to be replaced. But for this to work, a support needs to be added to ensure the jaw line is not going to wear out. This is critical for keeping your smile looking its best.

Understanding How the Implant Is Made

A dental implant is made with a unique layout for keeping your smile strong:

  1. First, an appropriate support is added into the gums and jawline. The support must secure itself into the jawline to ensure the tissue will not wear out or deteriorate.
  2. A temporary crown is added to the support. The crown goes there to ensure the area around the implant will heal. It takes a few weeks for the patient to recover from the implant installation process.
  3. An implant is molded with a polymer or resin material. The shape of the crown is based off of an impression that the patient utilizes for identifying the possible shape of the implant.
  4. After the implant is produced, the material is installed onto the implant support. The material has to be fastened accordingly by a dentist.

A Better Approach

Dental implants work better than other crowns or denture-based items in that implants look natural and authentic. The implant will fit perfectly along the gums and jaw line while keeping one’s smile looking normal.

More importantly, the jawline will not be at risk of wearing out. This is critical as other teeth around a space where a tooth is missing are at an elevated risk of being lost. The jawline might weaken due to a lack of stimulation or support.

Dental implants are vital for people to review when you’re aiming to get the most out of your smile. Talk with Civic Plaza Dental Care to learn more about how well such implants can work for you.

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