What Benefits Do Implant Supported Dentures Offer to People Suffering from Edentulism?

17 May 2019



Most people would love having healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives. But, many of these individuals will probably want to accomplish this in an as effortless manner as possible. So, you will not come across many people who brush their teeth twice daily. Nor will you come across too many people who not only brush their teeth regularly, but also floss each day. Thus, it goes without saying that the number of people who take proper and regular care of their teeth will probably be in a minority. The vast majority of people will eat all kinds of foodstuffs and snacks. And, they will try to achieve good oral hygiene with as little effort as possible. In this scenario, these individuals will inevitably face a myriad of dental issues. In some cases, some of these individuals might have the misfortune of losing all or even, most of their teeth – a condition called edentulism.


People suffering from this condition often feel that they do not have too many options available for restoring lost form and function to their mouths. However, this no longer remains true. Visiting any dental facility will offer them tailored solutions that could be ideal. For instance, in many cases, dentists offer traditional removable dentures for treating edentulism. This solution usually works in case the patients have not experienced a significant loss of bone in the jaw. In certain cases, installing a fixed bridge with titanium dental implants supporting it could be perfect. But, this remedy might not work in case bone loss rules out an implant-supported fixed bridge. In this scenario, another recourse available might be to install a removal overdenture, which fits over smaller diameter implants. Dentists will typically place these smaller implants strategically in the jaw to offer enhanced levels of support.


Experienced dentists will usually recommend removable implant-supported bridges to patients suffering from edentulism with significant bone loss because these bridges can:


  • Offer Superior Levels of Facial Aesthetics: Dentists opine that removable dentures, when supported by implants, can replace lost tissues. Thus, they can serve to restore some semblance of balance to a person’s face. In addition, the person’s smile can become much better as well.
  • Offer Superior Levels of Oral Hygiene: Removable dentures can give the wearer better access to the implant sites. This can be of great importance when it comes to cleaning the teeth. Naturally, better levels of oral hygiene will minimise the risks of additional bone loss and gum disease.
  • Enhance Speech Ability: Patients with dentures or bridges supported by implants will obtain enhanced levels of speech ability. In addition, they will enjoy the superior levels of stability that these dentures offer.
  • Be Easy to Maintain: It goes without saying that any implant-supported restoration installed by dentists or orthodontists will require some maintenance. Well-designed removable overdentures can make this activity a lot easier.


It can be worth mentioning that patients suffering from edentulism should approach their dentists to find the best restoration options. This will necessitate undergoing a detailed examination of the facial and jaw structures. This examination will not only help the dentist understand the status of these structures. It will enable them to ascertain the amount of bone mass present as well. Based on these details, the dentist will be able to recommend the best restorative options available in a particular case.

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