Thinking About Getting Dental Implants? Keep These 3 Things in Mind

10 October 2018


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Dental implants have gained tremendous popularity over the last couple of decades. This can be attributed to the numerous benefits offered by implants especially if the procedure is performed by an experienced specialist like Dr. Pedro Gonzalez. Dental implants are the most long-lasting and real looking teeth replacement option available anywhere today. But, how do you know if implants are the right choice for you. Let’s take a look at some of the factors you should keep in mind before going for dental implants.

Factors That Can Influence the Success of Your Dental Implants

  1. Bone loss: One of the consequences of missing teeth or wearing dentures for a long time is that it can cause some significant bone loss over time. However, for a successful dental implant procedure, there should be enough bone to support the implant. That’s why, it’s often recommended to get dental implants as soon as you lose a tooth. The good news is that even if there’s a loss of bone around your missing tooth, there are techniques such as bone grafting that can make your implant successful.
  1. Dental Anxiety: While an implant surgery carried out by a reputable expert such as Pedro Gonzalez is virtually painless, some people can have dental anxiety issues. Surgical nature of dental implants might be one of the reasons why some people don’t take advantage of this innovative and permanent tooth replacement procedure. Dr. Pedro Gonzalez has a range of cutting-edge equipment and sedation methods at the well-equipped Civic Plaza Dental that can put anxious or nervous patients at ease instantly.
  1. Smoking and Dental Implants: If you’re a heavy smoker, it’s advised to quit smoking for a few months after getting your dental implants. Newly fitted implants can be adversely affected by smoking and will never deliver the desired results. In case, this is a serious issue with you, be sure to consult Pedro Gonzalez to know your best course of action.  

What can Dr. Pedro Gonzalez Do You For?

As one of the leading dental specialists in Australia, Dr. Pedro Gonzalez at Civic Plaza Dental Care can fix any dental issue you might be suffering from. For more information, visit Civic Plaza Dental Care or simply give us a call on 02 9727 0364 now![:]

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