The Option of Interest Free Payment Plans

14 April 2021

[:en]Often dental treatments can be costly and not everyone can afford to pay them upfront, that is why at Civic Plaza Dental we offer Affordable dental plans for our patients. One of our popular plans is the interest free payment plan.

This plan lets our patients spread the costs of their dental treatments into Affordable dental plans with interest-free payments. Our plan lets you spread the cost of your treatment over a period of 12 months without having to pay any interest. You can easily pay directly through our options of direct debits or using your account or credit card to complete your payments.

Some of our dental treatments that are covered using Affordable dental plans with interest free payments include:

  • Root canal to keep the structure of the tooth
  • Cosmetic treatments to enhance your smile
  • Orthodontics to treat the facial structures including misaligned teeth and jaws
  • Dental implants to mimic an actual tooth for missing teeth
  • Family preventative care for the dental health of the whole family

For more information, contact us today to speak to one of our friendly team members.[:]

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