Porcelain Veneers Can Be One of the Best Restorative Options for Deformed Teeth

2 May 2019

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Over the years, people have always felt the need to look at their best. For this, they have usually altered their hairstyles, dressing sense etc. In recent times, people have also begun to examine their mouths, or more specifically, their teeth. A good smile can be a significant asset in a person’s personal or professional life. Hence, having a good smile can often help you ensure that you get your way more often than not. But, to have a good smile, you will need to have white, clean and well aligned teeth. Unfortunately, not all people can boast of having an impeccable set of teeth. Not surprisingly, the need to align teeth properly or to whiten one’s teeth has made led to an increase in the demand for the services of cosmetic dentists in Fairfield and other places.


Many people these days feel the need to go in for various cosmetic dentistry procedures. In their view, these procedures play an important role in maintaining good oral health and a professional appearance. More importantly, people know that these procedures can enable them to acquire the best smiles too. Thus, when individuals feel the need to correct issues such as stained or cracked teeth, gaps in teeth and the loss of enamel, they will visit their orthodontists for:


  • Whitening their Teeth: This relatively inexpensive cosmetic dentistry treatment has come into vogue of late. Being easily accessible, this treatment enables people to improve the visual appeal of their smiles. Dentists often use safe and non-invasive techniques for whitening teeth.


  • Replacing Stained or Cracked Teeth with Porcelain Veneers: Teeth whitening might not be able to work wonders in all situations. Some teeth might be unevenly aligned or spaced. Others might have worn enamel layers, cracks or chips. To remedy these, dentists will create porcelain veneers comprising several thin layers of ceramic. They will remove a trace amount of the original tooth enamel before placing these veneers. Traditional crowns often do not leave the natural teeth of the patient intact. In contrast, veneers leave the natural teeth intact, albeit with a few alterations.


  • Straightening Teeth with Invisible Braces: The straightening of misaligned teeth used to involve the use of traditional metallic brackets and wires. In recent times, the use of invisible braces has gained currency. These braces have relatively higher price tags. But, they remain inconspicuous and invisible. Thus, they enable people to maintain a professional appearance even while wearing them.


If you want to restore slightly deformed, misaligned or stained teeth, the orthodontic treatment recommended might involve porcelain veneers. Veneers denote thin, laminated layers of dental material. Dentists will bond these veneers to the outside of the tooth. This will ensure that the tooth blends in perfectly with others in the vicinity. In addition, it will transform the shape of the veneered tooth as well. Skilled lab technicians in dental facilities spend hours making these veneers. They give these veneers a lifelike appearance, which makes it hard to distinguish them from other teeth.


Some years ago, dentists used feldspathic porcelain for producing veneers. They mixed this powdered material with water to build layers one on top of the other. Thereafter, they cured or fired the veneers in ovens to ape the colour variations and the translucency of natural teeth. However, feldspathic porcelain can shrink during the firing process. And, it does not offer superior levels of strength or shatter-resistance.

Thus, dentists began using veneer material reinforced with leucite. These veneers offered superior levels of strength. But, they could be quite thick too. The latest form of veneers involves the use of a glass ceramic called lithium disilicate. These veneers can be easy to fabricate. In addition, they offer twice the strength of leucite, while being much thinner. Adding a thin layer of feldspathic porcelain to these veneers for enhancing their appearance remains easy too. Unsurprisingly, the demand for these veneers remains high for their quality restorative features.

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