Orthodontic Treatment Options Are Available For Adults

6 November 2018

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Most people around Fairfield might assume that orthodontic treatment options are only suitable for kids. But the truth is that such services can be offered to adults who need help with getting their smiles to look their best. There is no limit as to when a person can utilize such services from a Fairfield dental practice. Three options may help when you need to get an orthodontic treatment ready for your dental needs.

Clear Aligners Work

You can find clear aligners that will work well for your orthodontic needs. Aligners are designed to help adjust your teeth gradually. You would require various aligners that are added over your teeth based on the impression you produce at the start. You would have to wear these aligners for about 22 hours a day on average; you can remove the aligners for eating or for some social purposes. You should ensure the aligners are used correctly and that they are changed out based on how well your teeth are responding to a treatment.

Lingual Braces Are Prominent

Another orthodontic treatment to see entails lingual braces. These work like traditional braces, except these braces go on the back parts of the teeth. These are harder to notice than traditional braces. The amount of time you need to use such braces for will vary based on the needs you have for correcting your teeth.

Are Traditional Braces Needed?

You may require traditional braces if the irregularity in your teeth is too significant. This includes cases where the teeth are not aligned correctly or when there is too large of a gap between the teeth.

The good news is that today’s braces are not as visible or large as older ones used to be. The timing you require for getting braces to work for you will vary based on the intensity of the situation at hand.

An orthodontic treatment can be critical for adults in Fairfield to consider when they require help for their dental needs. Talk with Civic Plaza Dental Care for information on how such treatments can be utilized in your life to keep your teeth looking their best.[:]

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