FAQs about the CDBS

19 March 2021

[:en]The Child Benefits Dental Schedule (CDBS) is offered by the government for some of the dental services provided to children. But many parents are confused about the CDBS and have many questions. We answer the 5 questions asked the most about the CDBS here.

1. What is the child dental benefits schedule?

The CDBS is a benefit program offered to children between the ages 2-17 by the government and covers up to $1000 for the child’s basic dental services.

2. I want to get orthodontic treatment done for my child, can I use the $1000 to cover that?

No! The Services Australia has declined to cover any orthodontic treatments at all as they only cover the basic services including check-ups, cleaning, etc.

3. I’ve got 2 children, do I get the cover for both or only 1 child per year?

The child benefits dental schedule covers up to $1000 for each child a year if they are eligible.

4. My child is already getting payment from Centrelink, can I still access the CDBS for my child?

According to the Services Australia website, your child may still be eligible for the CDBS if they only receive certain payments.

5. How do I know if my child is eligible?

You can check online through your myGov account or you can call the medicare program line on 132 011 to see if your child is eligible.


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