Which Situations Can Warrant the Need for an Emergency Dentist?

11 noviembre 2019

[:en]Emergency services in hospitals cater to patients requiring immediate care and treatment. Invariably, the doctors providing these services will find themselves dealing with patients who have serious medical problems. For instance, people injured in accidents will require immediate care to make them stable. To ensure this, the staff at the Emergency Room (ER) will take all the measures necessary for saving the patient’s life. In some cases, these healthcare personnel will also deal with issues such as burns, cuts that require stitches and broken bones.

In much the same manner, some issues might require the immediate assistance of a dentist. Consider a situation where you’re playing a game and sustain a fall. Unfortunately, you land on your face and break a tooth (or two). In some cases, the tooth might break in half. In others, it might break entirely, thereby causing extreme pain and bleeding. In such situations, you will require the services of an emergency dentist. Many Fairfield dental practices offer emergency dental services these days. It can be worth mentioning that most dentists will keep aside certain time slots in their day to cater to emergency patients. So, when the need arises, you can contact your dentist and explain the situation.

Some situations that could warrant emergency dental services include:

  • Displaced Teeth: Situations could arise where your teeth become displaced within the gums. Or, a sudden impact could knock the teeth in. In both situations, you will need a dentist to put the teeth back into place at the earliest possible. It can be worth highlighting that if you have exposed roots, the delicate cells on the tooth roots could dry out and die after a specific period of time. This will cause tooth death. To avoid this, you will need to hold the crown and push the tooth back into place. Then, consider biting a washcloth gently and seeing your dentist immediately.
  • Knocked-Out Teeth: For clean breaks, put the tooth back into place by holding the crown. In case the tooth has become dirty, rinse it in cold water first. Avoid scrubbing or disinfecting the tooth. It could damage the delicate cells on the root.
  • Excruciating Pain: If you suddenly experience extreme pain in your teeth, you will require emergency dental services. Such pain could arise from exposed tooth roots. Alternatively, infections in the cracks in the teeth could result in extreme pain. Speak to your dentist for an emergency appointment. And, consider taking the recommended painkiller for obtaining relief.
  • Bleeding: If you experience bleeding of the gums or the teeth, consider visiting the dentist. Such situations will typically arise when you have sustained a cut inside your mouth or on the gums. In most cases, the teeth will not have sustained any damage. It can be worth mentioning that chronic bleeding from the gums could indicate gingivitis.

For some people, a chipped tooth might be an emergency. But, if you do not experience any pain or loss of blood, you can afford to contact your dentist and take a regular appointment. Getting the dentist to fix your tooth for aesthetic reasons will undoubtedly be important. But, this might not always qualify as an emergency. So, when you call up the dentist, the receptionist could ask you a series of questions. Your responses will make it easier to ascertain whether the situation warrants emergency dental care or not.[:]

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