When Are Veneers Appropriate For a Cosmetic Dentist Fairfield To Use?

18 diciembre 2018

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A cosmetic dentist Fairfield residents can contact for help can offer veneers to those patients. A veneer is a cover that features a porcelain or composite material. The surface is applied to the front part of a tooth to produce a natural and bright look. But it helps to look at when a Fairfield dental practice should be offered one of these cosmetic treatments.

When the Tooth Has a Chip

A tooth that is chipped can utilize a veneer. The need comes as the chip should only impact a part of the tooth. The veneer should also be thick enough to keep the tooth from being too hard to cover.

Manage Small Gaps

A gap that is not large enough to require orthodontic treatment can be covered by a veneer. The veneer should go over the surface evenly to create a better look, although the design of the surface will vary based on the patient’s needs.

When Stains Are Present

Stains can be dramatic and bothersome, but that does not mean that they have to be present for long. Stains can be covered by veneers if the stains are too intense. The veneers that a patient uses will keep one’s smile from looking uneven based on the color or shading of the teeth.

When to Avoid a Veneer

A veneer should help when a patient has a cracked tooth. The tooth should be filled to ensure the surface will not wear out and the tooth’s root will not be at risk of further harm.

Also, a veneer should not be used in cases where the patient’s teeth are crowded or improperly aligned. While a veneer may work for minor misalignment concerns, it should be avoided if the issue is too significant. Proper orthodontic treatment services would be required to keep those teeth from being at risk of further harm.

Veneers are helpful materials that a cosmetic dentist Fairfield residents can use may offer. Ask the Civic Plaza Dental Care for more information if you need help with getting the most out of your dental care needs. You may find that a veneer could work for your cosmetic dentistry needs.


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