What Should You Do If You Have a Slight Gap Between Your Teeth?

30 mayo 2019

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Not all people visit their dentists as often (and as regularly) as they visit their doctors. In several cases, people will not mind going for a routine check-up to their physician. But, they will have a phobia when it comes to visiting their dentist purely for a general examination. In some cases, people will not be able to put off the visit to their dentist. This will usually be the case when they require emergency dental services. So, if you happened to break your tooth suddenly, you would not think twice about visiting the nearest dentist. Similarly, a painful tooth or gums could cause you to visit your dentist without delay. But, it can be worth highlighting that not all dental problems have painful solutions. You will certainly need to endure some discomfort to remove a painful or damaged tooth. However, some dental problems have easier solutions.


For instance, some patients might have gaps between their teeth that require rectification. These individuals might not have any issues with their bite. In many cases, these individuals will not be facing any discomfort because of this gap either. However, a gap between the two upper front teeth could mar a person’s smile. In addition, over time, food particles that get stuck in such gaps could result in cavities and tooth decay. To avoid such occurrences, these individuals will usually visit their orthodontist. Orthodontists have the expertise needed for moving several teeth on the upper or lower arches with braces or clear aligners. It can be worth highlighting that not all patients will require a major remedial procedure for dealing with such issues. Instead, the problem can have a speedy resolution too. This will usually be the case when the orthodontist only needs to move one (or a few) teeth and that too, not very far.


So, if you have a slight gap between the two upper front teeth, you do not need to fret. The remedy involves only a simple and minor movement of your teeth. Ideally, the orthodontist will only need to move a few teeth. In addition, the movement will not be for more than a couple of millimetres, if at all. To bring about this movement, the orthodontist or dentist will typically use a few simple tools. These could include removable retainers or small-scale fixed braces that feature small springs or elastics. These will serve to place pressure against the teeth. A major tooth movement might take as long as two years to bring about. In contrast, minor tooth movements will seldom take longer than a few months.


However, this does not mean that you can eliminate the gap between teeth at the drop of a hat. You will need to prepare appropriately for the procedure. For starters, your dentist will need to ascertain whether moving the teeth could affect your bite. Moreover, the dentist will also need to ensure that the roots of the teeth that require moving remain in good position. Similarly, dentists will examine the gums and bone of the patient as well. If they come across any diseases, they will need to treat those first before commencing the orthodontic treatment. In some cases, the gap between the two upper teeth might have arisen from an unusually large frenum. For the uninitiated, the frenum denotes the small strip of tissue that connects the lip to the upper gum. Such situations might necessitate removing the frenum before commencing the moving of the teeth.

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