What Makes Porcelain Veneers So Popular In The Dentistry World?

18 septiembre 2018

[:en]Dr Gonzalez seeing a patient at his practice in Fairfield

Many people hesitate to visit their dentists for a variety of reasons. For some, merely visiting a dentist is enough to raise blood pressure and anxiety levels. Some people think that the dentists will use all kinds of pain-inducing tools while examining the mouths of their patients.

However, this is hardly the case any longer. When dealing with decayed teeth or cavities, dentists will need to use an assortment of tools. Some of these might cause some pain too. But, when this scenario arises, dentists will always apply some anaesthesia to provide relief to the patients. As such, the patients will not feel the pain during the procedure.

Similarly, some people feel that visiting a dentist is sure to set them back by hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Again, this is not entirely true. Many dental procedures are relatively inexpensive. And, for dental procedures that are expensive, many dental facilities offer affordable dental plans.

These plans enable patients to pay for their dental treatments over a pre-determined span of time. In many cases, these payments do not feature any interest component. In addition, they do not feature any credit or finance contracts or credit checks. Thus, patients can consider using these payment plans to pay for their dental treatments instead of postponing their treatments.

When people want to refresh their smiles, many dentists will recommend the use of porcelain veneers. These veneers are quite attractive to look at. They offer superb levels of functionality. And, they are highly durable. Not surprisingly, they can enhance your smile quite significantly.

One of the best features of porcelain veneers is that they will never look artificial or fake. More importantly, your dentist can make your veneers acquire a look that suits you best. So, you could express your preferences to the dentist and select veneers that offer a natural, glamorous or even, a subtle look.

In addition, customising your porcelain veneers is not difficult either. Thus, acquiring porcelain veneers that possess the shape, shade and style of your choice does not present any challenge nowadays. In fact, the entire process is fast and painless.In terms of versatility, porcelain veneers can resolve a myriad of dental conditions.

Cosmetic and emergency dentists typically recommend the use of these veneers to treat:

  • Chips
  • Stains
  • Teeth with undesirable shapes
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Teeth having uneven lengths or sizes and,
  • Teeth with worn enamels

Porcelain veneers can look delicate and fragile. However, they can withstand a lot of force. This makes them last for years. It is worth mentioning that teeth with veneers will not look very different from teeth without veneers. In addition, porcelain veneers can conserve the structure of the tooth.

This is especially so because they do not require dentists to alter, reduce or re-shape the teeth before placing the veneers. The dentist will only roughen the enamel on the surface a little for the veneer to bond to the tooth. Similarly, caring for teeth with porcelain veneers is easy too. Any Fairfield dental practice will recommend brushing and flossing regularly to take good care of your teeth, gums and veneers.[:]

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