What Factors Contribute To The Risk Of Contracting Gum Disease?

1 marzo 2019

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Many people often overlook the importance of taking care of their teeth. Unlike many external parts of the body, the teeth do not remain visible at all times. Hence, glossing over their importance or overlooking the need to take proper care of them can be quite easy to do. It’s only when the aches and pains start materialising that a person realises the importance of oral hygiene.

For instance, gum disease develops because of the build-up of bacterial plaque on the surface of the teeth. In many cases, the lack of proper oral hygiene aggravates the issue at a much faster rate. In such instances, many dentists will recommend treatment methods that involve the removal of plaque and calculus (or calcified plaque and tartar).

But, in some cases, the presence of additional health factors might make it tougher to bring the disease under control. In such situations, patients might have no other recourse other than to seek in-depth treatment – in extreme cases from the nearest emergency dentist.

Some factors that could enhance the likelihood of contracting gum disease could include:

  • Genetic Issues: Your genetic makeup could increase your risk of contracting gum disease. People with low resistance levels often suffer from gum disease and similar issues. Some people inherit thin gum tissues from their parents’ genes. Such individuals could remain susceptible to gum disease as well. In these cases, the patients could be prone to issues such as receding gums as well.
  • The Presence of Certain Types of Bacteria: The human mouth often houses different types of bacteria. Some of these might be responsible for causing gum disease. If you happen to have a specific disease-causing strain of bacteria in your mouth, you could be susceptible for contracting gum disease.
  • Chronic Stress: People suffering from chronic stress often have weaker levels of immunity. This trait makes these individuals more susceptible to gum disease. As the levels of stress increase in a person, the gum tissues start to break down. In some cases, the person’s teeth might detach from the weakened gums as well.
  • The Late Detection of the Disease: Oftentimes, gum-related issues can seem innocuous or non-serious. If left untreated, however, the infection could become more aggressive and deep-set. Thus, by the time the patient receives a diagnosis from the dentist or orthodontist, the gum disease might have caused extensive damage. In some situations, salvaging some teeth might not be possible.

It goes without saying that you cannot alter your genetic makeup. Nor will you be able to deal with your bacterial sensitivity. However, with consistent daily hygiene, regular cleanings and check-ups, you will be able to gain some control of the gum diseases. Among other things, you will be able to impede its progress, thereby preventing significant damage.

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