What Dental services involved in Child dental benefits schedule

14 febrero 2020


Child dental benefits schedule (CDBS) is a dental benefits program run by healthcare departments of the country, especially for children aged from 12 to 17 years of age.

General Services included in this benefits schedule plan are, examinations, routine cleaning, repairing cracked teeth, filling and root canals. All dental services are available under the Medicare scheme with same number only.

The child dental benefits schedule (CDBS) provides benefits for a range of basic dental services. This is important to note that each service that can receive a benefit has its own item number. These items are associated with some restrictions and benefits are set.

However, there are some differences between the dental benefits schedule and the Australian Dental Association Schedule.  Hence, below are the services provided in Child dental benefits schedule only.

  1. Clinically Relevant Services: The dental benefits to be payable a service must be “clinically relevant”, which means a service generally accepted by any dental professional.
  1. Hospital Services: Basically some surgery related services. This important to note that any emergency dental services provided in out-of-hospital facilities. But if any affordable or expensive dental care service provided in hospital may not be consider under CDBS.
  1. Limits or Individual Services: Many of the dental care services like, dental implants, orthodontic treatment have specific limitations or rules unique to the child dental benefits schedule. These limits and rules are set out in the individual item in schedule itself.


NOTE: Dentist should have to be familiar with these rules before providing any services.


  1. Restorative services / fillings: Under the CDBS, only one metallic or adhesive restoration can be claimed by healthcare department per tooth, even in any emergency dental service.


  1. Sedation: The Child dental benefits schedule provides certain benefits for intravenous sedation and inhalation sedation. Under the CDB, 4th sedation cab ne claimed only once in the 12 months.

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