Want to pass that interview, do a great job and get promoted? Keep your teeth healthy

17 noviembre 2015

[:en]Not only does it make you look more presentable, but a winning smile can actually help increase your chances of passing that job interview, working well with your office mates, and getting picked for a promotion more than your peers.

Here are a couple of ways smiling helps your career:

  • Job Seekers who smile during the interview get hired more

When you smile, it shows more than just a brief but bright ray of confidence, but a study from the Penn State University has shown that a smile also makes you appear more likeable, courteous and even competent. If you want to impress the person conducting a job interview, pop a smile once in a while.

  • Make you more productive

Smiling doesn’t only work positively on others, it also works on you. Try it: smile when you are alone. You will notice that your mood will improve and you will have a better time at work. Be happy at work and you will be more productive. The happiness is infectious and so will your productivity.

  • Employees who smile often get promoted faster

It’s true. Smile and the world smiles with you. Sulk and you can stay in your corner while the office joker gets his paycheck increased. Employees who smile a lot tend to lift the spirits of the group. Also, bosses around the world, know that a happy employee is a productive one. Think of the other benefits mentioned above regarding smiling and work, and your employer won’t have a hard time considering you for a pay increase.

Now these are a lot of reasons indeed for you to keep smiling at work. Also, don’t forget to have a spare toothbrush at the office.[:]

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