Treatments Available from a Cosmetic Dentist Fairfield

27 enero 2021

[:en]Until the late 20th century, dental procedures were purely functional, aiming to remedy damage with minimal regard to appearance. In recent decades, cosmetic dentistry has begun to emerge as a large field in dental procedures. Modern treatments from a cosmetic dentist Fairfield can improve the look and feel of teeth and gums while boosting self-confidence and general comfort. These can prevent further tooth damage and allow you to eat and drink more things. Civic Plaza Dental is a leading cosmetic dentistry provider with affordable dental payment plans.

Some of the main treatments offered by a cosmetic dentist Fairfield include:

  • Tooth whitening – age and diet can stain teeth and make them darker. Dentists can use special gel products to make teeth whiter and more attractive.
  • Dental veneers – porcelain covers that are bonded to the teeth when chips, breaks, gaps or stains are present. The porcelain can match the color of the surrounding teeth. Like most cosmetic procedures, they can be covered by dental payment plans.
  • Crowns and bridges – these are fitted porcelain fake teeth, designed to closely mimic the original giving a natural smile. Crowns are fitted over one tooth and bridges are fitted at each end covering multiple teeth in between.
  • Dental implants – this is a permanent procedure for missing teeth where a screw is inserted into the gum and a false tooth attached. You should discuss with a cosmetic dentist Fairfield before choosing this procedure as it can be a long process.

Like other procedures available at Civic Plaza Dental, our cosmetic dentist Fairfield services are covered by our affordable dental payment plans. We believe that nobody should have to delay dental treatments and our plans spread the cost over 12 months.[:]

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