Top 3 Things to Know About Child Dental Benefits Schedule

10 mayo 2019

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The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a major step in the direction of providing all Australian children the dental healthcare services they deserve. But as with all government schemes, it has certain conditions and considerations which you should know before you opt for it.

If you are new to the Child Dental Benefits Schedule and don’t know if you are eligible, then you have come to the right place. Below are the top 3 things you should know about this program. Read through to find out the most critical details which will help you access this great program.

Important Considerations for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

  1. Who Can Get the Benefit?

The benefits plan covers all children between the ages of 2 and 17 years. They must be eligible for Medicare as well. Generally speaking, parents must avail the service for them or the designated care organization with the relevant government approval. However, children who get the benefits in their own name can also use it for one day per the calendar year.

  1. How Can One Get the Service?

Getting dental services for your child or ward under Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a very simple and direct process. You just need to schedule an appointment with a private or public dentist in Australia. At the appointment, you should mention that you have CBDS coverage right in the beginning. The dentist will most likely speak to you on if your desired service is covered under the Benefits. After getting the procedure, you can pay the bill or forego it in case it is a bulk bill. Once your payment is made and the right documentation filed, your bill amount will be deducted from the CDBS balance.

  1. How is Child Dental Benefits Schedule Eligibility Assessment Done?

The calculation of Child Dental Benefits Schedule is subject to the Family Tax Benefit. You can get the sum due either in installments or in a lump sum. Installments are done fortnightly and lump sums at the end of each financial year. You should know that changing the sum payment schedule will impact eligibility as well.


Where Can You Get the Best Child Dental Benefits Schedule Services?

Want to get your children the best CDBS dental care? el Dr. Pedro González and his team of experts at Civic Dental Plaza have the right services and certified dentists to deliver them right here. Contact us now on 02 9727 0364 to speak to our experts.



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