Orthodontic Treatment Fairfield: Why Early Treatment Is So Important?

26 abril 2019

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When it comes to getting an orthodontic Treatment in Fairfield, the thumb rule is: the sooner the better. While most people get braces in their teens, an early treatment by an experienced orthodontist like Dr Pedro Gonzalez in Fairfield can benefit your child immensely.

It’s important that you get your child examined by an expert dentist on regular basis, so that necessary steps can be taken at the most appropriate time. A dental check-up is a quick and cost-effective procedure during which the dentist examines your child’s dental structure and determines whether he/she needs a treatment.


Signs That Your Child may Need an Orthodontic Treatment in Fairfield

  • Premature loss of baby teeth. Ideally, the right age for losing baby teeth is between 5 and 14.
  • Excessive thumb sucking especially if the child continuous this habit even after 4 years of age.
  • Protruding teeth or teeth that don’t fit together perfectly.
  • Speech problems like slurring or lisp.
  • If you’re unsure about the underlying issues responsible for the poor oral health of your child, an experienced dentist like Dr Pedro Gonzalez in Fairfield can help you.


Benefits of Timely Orthodontic Treatment

A skilled dentist has an eye for dental problems in child’s development years. This is the time when most dental issues can be fixed easily and more effectively. At an older age, jaw bones can become stiff and stop growing. That’s why an orthodontic Treatment in Fairfield for adults can be a little bit more challenging. At a younger age, the teeth and jaw growth can be guided in the right direction with simple and cost-effective procedures.


Components of an Orthodontic Treatment in Fairfield

Orthodontic treatment in Fairfield usually involves removable or fixed braces. In case, your child has protruding teeth or a smaller jaw, orthodontic devices such as a special brace might be recommended. Sometimes, fixed braces are used after removable braces for optimum results.


How to Know More about Getting an Orthodontic Treatment in Fairfield?

You can find more information on orthodontic treatment by simply visiting the leading dental specialist in Fairfield – Civic Plaza. To find whether your child can benefit from the treatment, contact an experienced specialist like Dr Pedro Gonzalez in Fairfield. Give us a call at 02 9727 0364 today!


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