Medicare and Hospital Vouchers – Assisting in Affordable Dental Care.

27 julio 2021

Civic Plaza Dental mission has always been to provide affordable dental care to our many patients. Thanks to the NSW Government’s assistance succeeding in this mission can be made easier through the provisions of hospital vouchers and ‘the child dental benefits schedule’ (administered by Medicare).

During the younger years of a person’s life, dental care should be given high priority as it is always better to sort a development issue sooner than later. As well as that, it is important to build comfort and confidence for a child when visiting the dentist. Hence, We at Civic Plaza Dental understand the importance of affordable dental care and want to make this possible through Interest-Free payment plans for dental treatments and the Child Dental Benefits Schedule which has replaced the Medicare Teen Dental Plan. In further detail, the Child Dental Benefits Schedule is provided to 2-17-year-olds and assists with up to $1000 in benefits for basic dental services. One thing to note, the payment plan does not cover orthodontic or cosmetic dentistry.

Additionally, vouchers which can be acquired through hospitals (given by the NSW Government) may also be used at Civic Plaza Dental to cover a portion of dental treatment, emergency dental services and other plans. This and the Child Dental Benefit Schedule creates multiple angles in which we can provide affordable dental care to our patients no matter the age and reason for visit. Make an inquiry today at

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