Is affordable dental care safe?

26 mayo 2020


It is a common misconception that affordable dental care on the cheaper side is risky and dangerous. I am here to tell you that this is not the case. Affordable dental care exists to give every social class of consumers the right to an essential service. Simple general dental check-ups are absolutely necessary and an individual shouldn’t be demotivated to go for one due to the expensive price that many dentists across Australia charge. For instance dentists in the center of Sydney will charge individuals $120 for a general checkup whereas, dentists at Granville will charge $40  for literally the same service. There isn’t anything dangerous about the affordable dental care at Granville and honestly, there isn’t much besides inadequate sanitation that could go wrong during a general dentist checkup at any dentist. So why are some businesses charging over $150 for a general dental checkup? Well that’s just a markup based on the market.

Getting a filling is a procedure you want your dentist to get right so many will turn their heads away from cheap/affordable dental care. Obviously if you are willing to pay the extra money for a dentist that is very unlikely to make a mistake during a filling then by all means go ahead. However, for every qualified dentist a filling is a very straight forward procedure that rarely results in an error. Civic Plaza Dental offers affordable dental plans and delivers with a quality service. Find out more at


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