How Much Time Does It Take To Get The Right Implants From Your Dentist?

9 octubre 2018

[:en]For various reasons, several people have gaps in their teeth. These gaps will not be the result of crooked or misaligned teeth. Rather, these gaps will often serve to denote missing teeth. Some people feel that there’s little that they can do to eliminate these gaps in their teeth.

As a result, they will continue to go about their lives with a less than perfect smile. This can be quite astonishing when one considers that the solution is very simple. A simple visit to the local dentist would help in understanding the reason for the gap.

More importantly, it would help the dentist identify the best solution as well. Unfortunately, many people find themselves in a constant state of anxiety when it comes to visiting their dentists. In many cases, it is not the cost of the treatment that deters them from visiting the dentist. Instead, it is the fear of having to undergo some pain or discomfort, which makes these individuals prefer living with imperfect smiles.

One of the best solutions for missing teeth are dental implants. These implants offer the most natural look, because they look almost similar to a person’s natural teeth. In addition, they will often last a person for years. Many patients wonder about the length of time it takes for the dentist to place the implants in a person. However, this is not a straightforward question to answer.

This is because the implant requirements (and experiences) of any two people will seldom be identical. As a result, the dental implants will take longer for some patients than others more often than not.

Some of the factors that could be responsible for patients having to wait longer than others for their implants could comprise:

  • The Number of Teeth that Require Replacement: It goes without saying that dental implants can replace any number of missing teeth. This makes these implants very versatile. Now, replacing a single tooth will always be much easier than replacing a number of teeth or even, an entire arch.The more implants a patient needs, the longer the placement procedure will take. In addition, longer placement procedures will inevitably necessitate longer healing times once the dentist has completed the necessary procedures.
  • The Condition of the Teeth: When dentists place implants in their patients’ jaws, they will often consider the oral and overall health of their patients. Dentists will seldom think of placing implants in a patient who has gum disease. Doing so could end up compromising the effectiveness of the implant. In such cases, the dentist will typically treat the gum disease before placing the implant.Similarly, dentists will consider the overall health condition of their patients too. Some patients might be suffering from conditions such as diabetes or bleeding disorders. In such situations, dentists will often focus on controlling these conditions before placing the implants. Dentists will usually want to give the implants the best chance of success. Hence, some existing medical or oral conditions might necessitate longer treatment spans. However, once the problematic conditions are under control, the success of the implants remains guaranteed.
  • The Need for Bone Grafting: Any dentist or orthodontist can place implants. But, in order to do so safely, patients will require adequate amounts of healthy jawbones. Patients who have been missing teeth for a considerable span of time will not always have healthy jawbones. This is because tooth loss invariably leads to the degeneration of the bone. For patients with weaker jawbones that cannot support the implants, dentists will recommend a bone grafting procedure first. Bone grafting is usually a simple procedure.It involves using some of the patient’s own bone or a similar bone grafting material to build up the jaw. Bone grafting helps in strengthening the patient’s jaw. As a result, the resultant jaw will have the necessary strength to support the implants.

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