Fairfield dental practice – Emergency services

7 julio 2020


Civic Plaza Dental, a dental practice located in Fairfield provides a swift and effective service for dental emergencies in the Western Sydney region. A dental emergency can occur suddenly when you are eating or drinking, brushing your teeth, or in an accident where there is significant trauma to your teeth. Pain that requires emergency dental services can either be caused by an abscess from tooth decay, a cracked tooth or filling exposing a nerve, gum disease, or other trauma all that is resulting in significant pain that requires urgent attention.

 When any of these things happen a reliable dental practice should be called on that can provide an effective emergency dental service. Thankfully, Fairfield dental practice – Civic Plaza Dental offers affordable dental plans that account for a dental emergency. The types of treatment used during a dental emergency can include extractions, fillings, gum treatment, or root canal treatment. The dentists at Civic Plaza Dental will find the best plan and treatment to stop the pain by discussing your dental history and making the right assessments.

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