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25 septiembre 2018


Image of the team at Civic Plaza Dental Care in Fairfield

The human body comprises a myriad of parts – including muscles, tissues, bones, joints etc. All these parts work together to perform various activities. Similarly, your teeth, muscles, bones etc. work together to chew food, speak and even, to create your unique smile.

With the passage of time, your teeth could suffer from a variety of wear and tear issues. In some cases, your teeth might suffer an injury or two. Or, the natural ageing process could affect your teeth and gums. Naturally, these issues often affected the lives of people quite significantly. In the past, many people had to live with these concerns because of the lack of proper dental care and treatment. This is no longer the case.

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most effective ways of medically (and aesthetically) restoring your dental and oral hygiene to optimal levels. Experienced cosmetic dentists, such as Dr. Pedro Gonzalez, can easily determine the right course of treatment for your specific oral health requirements. In some cases, the dentist might even recommend a combination of treatments to achieve the desired objective.

photo of dr pedro gonzalez servicing the suburbs of fairfield, wetherill park, cabramatta

With over 35 years of dentistry experience, Dr. Pedro Gonzalez is the man behind Civic Plaza Dental Care. His extensive knowledge about all aspects of dentistry enable him to handle any kind of dental complaints with consummate ease. At the same time, he places patient comfort at a premium.

He knows that many patients are apprehensive about visiting dental facilities and consulting dentists. So, he creates a comfortable environment for his patients, before recommending the best possible courses of treatment. Unsurprisingly, he remains one of the most sought after cosmetic dentists in Fairfield.

Civic Plaza Dental Care also features a superb team of dental professionals to support Dr. Gonzalez. These professionals offer a wide range of services and personalised levels of care. Not only will they put you at complete ease during your visit. They will answer any questions that you might have to help you make an informed decision.

Among other things, the team at Civic Plaza Dental Care will also ensure that you understand your proposed treatment plan perfectly. This is vital as the patient should not have any doubts about the efficacy or the benefits that a recommended course of treatment offers.

The team at Civic Plaza Dental Care believe in offering affordable dental services. They also believe in keeping their patients at the core of their mission. Hence, they offer interest-free payment plans to enable patients to pay for their dental treatments over a specified span of time.

With these payment plans, patients can pay for their treatment over 12 months, without having to pay any interest. And, it is worth highlighting that these payment plans require no credit checks, credit contracts or finance contracts. So, you can start your root canal treatment, cosmetic treatment, preventative treatment or dental implants without delay.

The clinic also offers the Child Dental Benefit Schedule(CDBS), a dental program that provides up to $1,000 in benefits to eligible 12 – 17 year old patients for basic dental services. Therefore, the next time you need to visit a dentist, don’t postpone your plan.

Consult the experts at the best dental clinic in Fairfield at 02 9727 0364 to discuss your requirements.


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