Child Dental Benefits Schedule Fairfield: Why Choose Dr Pedro Gonzalez in Fairfield

28 mayo 2021

  1. Stress-free CDBS: At Civic Plaza, we make sure that all the eligible patients can access Child Dental Benefits Schedule in Fairfield in a hassle-free manner. Except cosmetic and orthodontic treatments, our Child Dental Benefits Schedule covers a wide range of dental services.  
  2. Quality Dental Care: Whether you’re looking for quality dental care under CDBS or cosmetic and orthodontic treatments to attain a perfect smile, our experts can help you reach your goals with best in class dentistry services.
  3. Affordable Services: At Civic Plaza, even the services that are excluded from CDBS are quite affordable. Our team of experienced dentists led by Dr Pedro Gonzalez leaves no stone unturned to provide cost-effective and reliable dental care to individuals and families. We always offer several treatment options to the patients, so that they can choose the right plan to precisely suit their needs and budget.

Looking for CDBS Dentist? Get in touch with el Dr. Pedro González in Fairfield

No matter what type of dental treatment you’re looking for, you can rest assured that you’ll get the highest level of dental care at Civic Plaza. At Civic Plaza, we’re passionate about providing caring, reliable, and friendly services. To know more about our services, visit Civic Plaza or get in touch with us on 02 9727 0364 today!

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