Can Adults Benefit from Orthodontic Treatment?

9 enero 2020


Many Australians share the misconception that orthodontic treatment only applies to children. So, according to these individuals, no adult can receive orthodontic treatment. And, these individuals also believe that receiving orthodontic treatment will not be of much use to adults. However, these opinions remain misplaced. Orthodontics certainly yields a much higher range of benefits for children. But, adults can receive orthodontic treatment as well.

Many adults receive orthodontic treatment today for straightening their teeth. The improvements in technology have ensured that the metallic braces used in this treatment remain as small and inconspicuous as possible. In addition, the entire process does not take as long as it used to some decades ago. Some orthodontic treatments can conclude in less than six months. It can be worth mentioning that many adults prefer wearing clear aligners instead of the regular braces. These aligners enable the patients to straighten their teeth in a discreet manner.

For the uninitiated, orthodontic treatment can be useful when a person’s bite has become badly misaligned. People with misaligned bites will inevitably suffer from cases of overbite, underbite or crossbite. Each of these conditions can be problematic when eating or drinking. But, they can also impact the patient’s facial structure and appearance negatively. Many people visiting their nearest Fairfield dental practices often express their surprise at how orthodontic treatment can make them look significantly better after the alignment of their bites.

Realigning the bite will certainly improve the patient’s facial appearance. More importantly, it will help in eliminating the pain that the patient experiences in the jaw and the face. Misaligned bites can often lead to excessive wearing of the teeth. Orthodontic treatment can be useful for preventing this. To realign bites, orthodontists will typically rely on the use of clear aligners, bands and braces. In some cases, the orthodontist might recommend an oral surgery as well. However, most orthodontists will carry out a comprehensive examination (including X-rays) before recommending the best course of treatment.

Contrary to popular perception, orthodontic treatment can help in resolving various complex problems too. At Civic Plaza Dental Care, Dr. Pedro Gonzalez specialises in providing orthodontic solutions for straightening teeth as well. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Gonzalez specialises in dental implants, orthodontics and restorative dentistry. A member of the American Association for Functional Orthodontics, Dr. Gonzalez accords a high priority to creating the highest degree of patient comfort. In addition, his extensive knowledge enables him to give his patients the best possible treatment. For these reasons, patients visiting the facility often consult Dr. Gonzalez about the best recourse for their specific situations.

In the opinion of Dr. Gonzalez, traditional metal braces will often yield the best results in children. Their durability and effectiveness enable them to achieve the desired outcome. However, they can be easy to discern. For this reason, adults often prefer ceramic braces or clear plastic aligners. These solutions can make it easier for adults to perform their professional duties without attracting any unnecessary attention. For instance, sales professionals often come to Dr. Gonzalez to obtain clear plastic aligners. These aligners can be very inconspicuous. So, when the salesperson needs to make a presentation or give a demo, such aligners can be very handy. They can ensure that the attention of the viewers remains on the speaker and the screen, rather than on the braces. Thus, adults can select orthodontic treatment options based on their needs, budget and goals. All solutions will offer comparable levels of effectiveness for discount dental plans for seniors especially.


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