A Step-by-Step Guide to The Orthodontic Treatment From Consultation to Final Results

14 junio 2022

Orthodontic Treatment is a procedure that is usually not done until the person is an adolescent or adult. The person who needs orthodontic treatment has some sort of a dental or jaw problem and they want to be able to straighten out their teeth.

Orthodontics is a subset of dentistry where patient wants to straighten their teeth, realign their bite, and improve their oral health by using a variety of treatments. Most people who get orthodontic treatment will wear braces on their teeth for about 2 years. The braces are tightened every one or two weeks until the teeth are aligned according to the desired outcome set by the patient and orthodontist.

As soon as an orthodontist agrees to do treatment for you, there will be another set. Orthodontic treatment is a process that can change your life. It literally rearranges the teeth and jaws to give them a beautiful look and make them function properly.

The orthodontic therapy includes braces, headgear, and other appliances.

It also includes professional cleanings, along with corrective home care instructions.

This guide will take you through the process of getting orthodontic treatment for yourself or for your child.

The first step would be to go to an orthodontist for a consultation appointment where you will be given a diagnosis or an evaluation of your oral health followed by a discussion about how best to treat it.

The next step would be figuring out which type of braces (metal brackets glued on either side of teeth, clear rubber bands with tiny

Orthodontic treatment is a course of oral surgery that is done to improve the arrangement of the teeth. There are many treatments and methods available in the market. The treatment may vary from one individual to another. Factors like age, the severity of malocclusion, and other dental problems can affect the choice of treatment. A proper consultation with an orthodontist is necessary before undergoing any kind of orthodontic treatment.

The first step in an Orthodontic Treatment is a Consultation with the Orthodontist or Dentist, who will evaluate your teeth and give you recommendations for what type or type of treatment should be given to you.

The majority of these consultations are done at your regular dentist’s office however some patients prefer meeting at a local.

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