5 Hygiene Tips to Prevent Emergency Dental Services

29 septiembre 2020

[:en]Good dental health should be an important part of everyday life. Small daily things can add up over your life to contribute to a healthy and long-lasting smile. Regular and correct home dental hygiene is essential as a preventative measure for emergency dental services, saving a lot of pain and money later from treatments and procedures. Unfortunately, not all dental issues can be avoided and it is important to consult a dental professional such as Fairfield dental practice Civic Plaza Dental Care if issues arise.

Although many of the main tips for dental health are very commonly said, they are essential to repeat and are often ignored. Here are some basic home tips to try to prevent the need for emergency dental services:

  1. Brush your teeth twice daily at a minimum! This is the most important thing you can do, regular brushing removes debris and plaque which can build up over time, causing many problems. You should spend at least 2 minutes brushing each time to adequately remove plaque which could cause issues requiring emergency dental services.
  2. It isn’t just about how often you brush, technique is also important. When brushing, make sure to do each tooth individually, aiming the bristles at the gum line and moving in small, soft circles to get the most effective clean.
  3. Just as brushing is essential, so is flossing. Flossing should be performed regularly, usually daily to ensure debris and plaque are removed from between teeth. When flossing, run the floss back and forward between each tooth carefully. Removing build-ups of plaque can prevent many issues that would require emergency dental services.
  4. Limit consumption of foods high in sugars or acids as these can soften teeth and damage enamel, which can leave teeth open to further damage.
  5. Visit your dentist regularly for a checkup. Civic Plaza Dental Care is a Fairfield dental practice dedicated to providing affordable care for all.


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