3 Situations When You Should See an Emergency Dentist

5 febrero 2019


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When we think of a medical emergency, we rarely consider it will involve our teeth and gums. However, there are a number of medical conditions and problems which may occur and require the attention of an emergency dentist.

But you will not know when to seek an emergency dentist and why, unless you understand which situations demand this. So, here is a list of the most common situations where you should seek the emergency services of a dentist.


Top Three Reasons to Seek Out an Emergency Dentist


If you are an adult, getting a toothache can really put a damper on your workday. If it happens to be your day off, then it is an even bigger inconvenience. But you should not put off a toothache for later for any reason. It is best to seek the advice of a professional emergency dentist. They will tell you what exactly is going on with that tooth. If you are in luck, then the pain is only a preliminary symptom and you can avoid losing a tooth over it with some additional care.

2. Broken Tooth

Having your tooth broken or even chipped is a major problem. Not only would it hurt a lot but it might also ruin the setting of your other teeth. So, it is very important that you seek a professional emergency dentist to have a look. If possible, bring your chipped tooth with you. Wrap it up in some cloth and bring it to the dentist. If you do this then it is possible that they can fashion a cap and prevent your teeth from getting bent out of shape.

3. Loosened or Knocked-Out Tooth

While you should always be taking proper precautions, there can be certain situations where your tooth gets loosened or even knocked out. In such cases, you should go visit an emergency dentist immediately. If your tooth has been knocked out, wrap it in cloth and take it with you. The dentist might be able to reinsert it and fixate it using specialized material.


Where to Get a Professional Emergency Dentist?

Looking for an emergency dentist? Waste no time in having your problem addressed by our professional dentists at Civic Dental Plaza. Call us now on 02 9727 0364 and make sure you can have your dental problem examined by el Dr. Pedro González and his team of vastly experienced dental professionals right away!


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