10 facts about dental implant insurance

11 julio 2021

People are often excited when they receive dental insurance from their jobs. They’re excited, that is, until they realize that dental insurance is not like medical insurance. Check out these interesting facts about dental insurance.

Dental implant Insurance Is a Supplement, Not Full Coverage

When you get medical insurance, it generally provides a good portion of the coverage. With dental insurance, it’s usually a supplement to the amount of money you’re paying out of pocket.

Many Routine Dental Procedures Are Not Covered by Insurance

From deep cleaning to small fillings, many dental procedures that you’d think would be covered by dental implant insurance are often not. Check with your insurance company before you book appointments so that it’s clear what you’ll be responsible for. Senior dental plans may differ, so check with your plan.

Understand Your “Alternate Benefits”

Insurers sometimes down-code a procedure you get from your dentist so that they only have to cover a portion of it, as stated by Dentistry IQ. You’ll be responsible for the balance.

Dental Implant Insurance Didn’t Exist Before 1954, all dental costs were paid by the individual. The first insurance plans were introduced bay California, and maximum benefits didn’t excel

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