Emergency Dental Services Are Vital If You Have A Split Tooth

25 December 2018

[:en]A split tooth is one of the worst concerns that anyone in Fairfield could live with. This occurs when the tooth is vertically split into two parts. This is an issue that impacts teeth with two roots; these are the teeth around the back part of the gum line. But as difficult as the concern can be, you can trust emergency dental services for ensuring the tooth is fixed accordingly.

A Root Canal Is Needed

The area where your split tooth is at should be fixed accordingly. A root canal will often be required. This is a treatment where the infected tissue is cleared out of the impacted area.

After the root canal, an x-ray may be required. The review should identify if the root structure can be saved. In most cases, at least one of the roots should be safe. But for when one of the roots is damaged or broken, that part might have to be extracted.

Adding a Crown

A crown is often required for getting a part of the root covered if that tissue had to be removed. An emergency dentist can help you with applying a crown over the root area after the tissue is cleared out. The surface should cover up the open area, thus keeping your smile intact.

An implant may also be utilized if the opening between roots on the jawline becomes too large. The implant should stimulate the teeth, thus improving upon how well the tissues around the missing spot can heal. The proper practice for keeping the teeth intact is necessary for ensuring there are no problems involved in the area.

When Would the Tooth Be Removed?

You might need to get the tooth in question removed altogether if both parts of the root were damaged. This would be for cases where the tooth has been fractured to the point where it might be at risk of significant harm or further damage.

Emergency dental services are available in Fairfield for when you need help with getting a split tooth repaired. Talk with Civic Plaza Dental Care if you ever need help with fixing this issue.[:]

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