Dr. Pedro Gonzalez Is One of Fairfield’s Top Dentists

4 December 2018

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Dr. Pedro Gonzalez Is One of Fairfield’s Top Dentists

You can trust the services of Dr. Pedro Gonzalez when you need help for getting your teeth to look their best. The services that Dr. Gonzalez offers are helpful solutions that he is experienced in handling. The services are a necessity for people to review when it comes to seeing what they can get out of their lives in any situation.

About the Doctor

Dr. Pedro Gonzalez is a graduate of the University of Chile. He graduated in 1982 as a dental surgeon and would move to Australia two years later. He completed the EDEC exam in 1986 in Melbourne to receive his full certification.

Today he is registered as a dental surgeon who is licensed to operate in New South Wales. He has also completed various postgraduate programs around the world. In addition to taking various programs in Australia, he has also been involved with programs in Chile and the United States.

Official Memberships

Dr. Gonzalez is a member of the American Association for Functional Orthodontics, as well as a member of the International Association for Orthodontics. He was also accredited by the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry since 1997.

Focal Points

Dr. Gonzalez focuses on dental implants and orthodontic treatments. The services that are offered by Gonzalez are valuable for preserving anyone’s smile.

Restorative services are also provided through his work. Such services assist people in keeping their teeth healthy while ensuring they will not suffer from excess fatigue or other concerns.

A Focus on Patient Care

The most important thing that Dr. Gonzalez offers to his patients is support for ensuring that the patients he treats are covered accordingly and that they are always cared for. It is through Dr. Gonzalez’s work that he ensures his patients are kept safe and comfortable without risking harm. It is through this that he has gotten the most out of his life.

Dr. Pedro Gonzalez can be contacted today at the Civic Plaza Dental Care. Talk with him if you need assistance with getting the best dental services for your life so your teeth can look and feel their best.[:]

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