Dentist Orthodontist Fairfield – Methods of fixing a chipped or cracked a tooth

11 June 2020


There’s nothing worse than crunching down on hard food like candy then noticing a piece break off that doesn’t melt or dissolve. To your shock you realize it’ not the candy, it’s a piece of your tooth. Tooth enamel is strong and can handle significant pressure but it does have its limitations. Dentists such as orthodontists in Fairfield Civic Plaza Dental are more than capable of fixing this issue so not all hope is lost for your teeth.

Many dentists will use dental filling or bonding as a method of fixing a chipped or cracked tooth. A filling works well for small chips and is quite simple with only one chip being required. Bonding however is used to fix chips that can be seen when you smile as they utilize a tooth-colored composite resin that adheres to the tooth.

If the crack is larger than what can be fixed with a filling, dentists such as orthodontist /dentist in Fairfield Civic Plaza Dental will use a dental crown to fit over the damaged tooth. This process takes a couple of weeks as a customized crown for the exact tooth needs to be sent to a dental lab and made there. This is an effective method to solve the issue and with the right care, the crown can last a lifetime.

Some cracks may require a root canal if it extends into the pulp. A root canal will remove the damaged pulp resolving this issue, preventing infection. If there nerves and roots are completely damaged then a dentist will have no option but to extract the tooth, however, this is rare and excluded for the worst of cases.

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