Civic Plaza Dental – Offering dental plans on a budget all year round.

16 April 2020


Dental care has always been an essential service during any time or under any circumstances. For example, every navy ship has a dentist’s office on board as nobody wants a toothache or any other oral issue to occur on duty out at sea.  Dentists can’t stop working during this time just as hospital workers can’t stop. It is a time when health care workers will make great sacrifices for the greater good and safety of society just as Navy health care did during World War 2. That is why Civic Plaza Dental still offers dental plans on a budget during this time.

Civic Plaza Dental which offers reliable and affordable dental care near Guildford is not shutting its doors because of COVID-19. The functions of our operation are still running as per usual though with extra precautions put in place to ensure the safety of every customer that steps foot into our door. Our interest-free budget dental plan remains as an option for all our customers who seek affordable dental care all year round. The last thing you want during these hard times is a toothache that costs you $400 to resolve, so why not set up a payment plan with reliable dentists who take your safety as a number one priority. Our dental plan on a budget offers not only general dentistry as a service but also: emergency appointments, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry.


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