Children’s Dental Health

7 August 2020

[:en]Children’s dental health is a vital element of their wellbeing, regular dental checkups are very important to ensure proper tooth development and build positive hygiene habits which they will keep throughout life. Tooth decay has been reported to have risen in Australian children during recent years, early and frequent dental care will help to stop this rise. Due to this, the New South Wales government has introduced the Child Dental Benefits Schedule which can be accessed at Civic Plaza Dental for dental care near Guilford.

The New South Wales government provides the Child Dental Benefits Schedule to children aged between 2-17 years whose family receives Family Tax Benefit Part A or another similar payment. This program covers most basic general dental services and can be accessed through public dental clinics or private providers in NSW such as Civic Plaza Dental, who provide dental care near Guilford.

Civic Plaza Dental’s professional dental care near Guilford will allow your child to receive the early care that they need for a lifetime of good dental health, contact us today or make an enquiry online.[:]

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