3 Facts That Will Convince You to Get an Orthodontic Treatment Today

24 October 2018

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As one of the leading specialists in orthodontic treatment, we have recognised some of the common misconceptions surrounding this particular area of dental health care. We believe that the best way to get rid of these rumours is to know the real facts about orthodontic treatment. With that in mind, the team of experts led by Dr. Pedro Gonzalez have compiled a list of some little known facts about orthodontic treatment that will put all your fears to rest.

1. Orthodontic Treatment Is Not Ridiculously Expensive

Dr. Pedro Gonzalez and his team carefully analyse the unique needs of every patient and customise their treatment accordingly. An experienced orthodontist like Dr. Pedro Gonzalez can dramatically reduce the treatment cost and time for you. Professionals at Civic Plaza Dental can offer you an orthodontic treatment plan that will suit your needs precisely. Payment plans are flexible and orthodontists work closely with their patients to help them get a picture perfect smile at an affordable price. 

2. Orthodontic Treatment Can Deliver Results in a Short Time

Contrary to popular belief, it’s entirely possibly to get quick results from an orthodontic treatment. The key is to choose a trusted expert like Dr. Pedro Gonzalez to get your teeth in a perfect shape.

A successful orthodontic treatment ensures that your teeth are moving into their right position with controlled, careful movements over a period of time. From minor corrections to complex procedures, Dr. Pedro Gonzalez and his team have the skills, training and experience to deliver exceptional results in the shortest possible time.

3.Orthodontic Treatment: Beyond Cosmetic Improvement

While a great smile and a dramatically improved facial appearance are the obvious benefits of getting an orthodontic treatment, it can also make a world of difference in your oral structure too. You’ll see a massive improvement in functions like chewing, biting and speaking. It goes without saying that oral health is directly related to digestive health. So, in a way, an orthodontic treatment can positively impact your overall health.

Considering an Orthodontic Treatment? Get in touch with Dr. Pedro Gonzalez

From dental implants to a number of orthodontic treatments, Dr. Pedro Gonzalez specializes in a range of dental procedures that can change your life forever. For more information on dental care, visit Civic Plaza Dental Care or call us on 02 9727 0364 now!


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